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Living the real Macaron experience in Paris – HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

Ok, Paris is well known for one fancy, photogenic, beautiful, sweet, colorful, soft but firm and most important, incredibly delicious.

I know you can find amazing stores in Paris, fashion boutique look-alike stores that specialize in selling perfect macarons.

That’s a great experience, but the best one is making you own macarons in Paris. That’s the real Macaron experience; getting your hands “dirty” with colors, textures, aromas and a lot of sugar will bring you right inside the “Macaron world”.

I found a great place to do it, called Le Foodist, a small but really beautiful and awesomely equipped place, that not only teaches how to make Macarons, but also will show you how to prepare the most amazing recipes.

 Address: 59 rue Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris


Telephone: + 33 6 71 70 95 22


- Julián -